Tokyo-Hot mldo010 Killing time of Tokyo hot female guard

The man is physically inspected to every corner of the body and is not confined to the dungeon without being given meals or water. A woman guard ordering to lick the boot's shoe sole. Conditions for giving a meal are masturbation in front of people and a woman who gives mental suffering and this time a woman who gives physical suffering with a whip and gradually dominates a man. Candle blame, compulsion anal torture, licking service and slave training continue without end.男は体の隅々まで身体検査をされ食事も水も与えられず地下牢に監禁される。ブーツの靴底を舐める様に命令する女看守。食事を与える条件は人前でのオナニーと精神的苦痛を与え今度は鞭で肉体的苦痛を与え徐々に男を支配していく女看守。蝋燭責め、強制アナル責め、舐め奉仕と奴隷調教は終わることなく続けられる。

Tags: Killing Time, Of Tokyo Hot, Female Guard, The Body, And Is Not Confined, Given Meals Or Water, Boot's Shoe Sole, A Whip And Gradually Dominates A Man. Candle Blame, Compulsion Anal Torture, Licking Service And Slave Training Continue Without End,