Tokyo-Hot mldo011 Tokyo Thermal POW

A captured man! Woman in camouflage clothing Female torturer 's whipping whore torture begins! A woman torturing official who continues to blame with various tortures from candles, anal vibes, watercolors, forced drinking urine and physical suffering to mental distress! Cruel torture to abducted living dolls continues until they die.捕われた男!迷彩服姿の女拷問官の鞭打ち地獄拷問責めが始まる!蝋燭、アナルバイブ、水責め、強制飲尿と肉体的苦痛から精神的苦痛まで様々な拷問で責め続ける女拷問官!拉致された生き人形へ残虐な拷問は死ぬまで続けられる。

Tags: Tokyo, Thermal Pow, A Captured Man, Whore Torture Begins, Tortures From Candles, Vibes, Watercolors, Forced Drinking Urine, Physical Suffering, Until They Die,